The 1st connected baby camera 0 waves!

The unique and only connected baby camera with 0 waves in baby's room. Download the app and see baby on your smartphone & tablet. Monitor lots of functions from there: temperature, night light, talk back, play musics... Unlimited range!

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Baby camera 0% emission functions

1. Plug the Baby camera to your router (see demonstration on the below video)

The camera comes with 2 plugs, one goes on the Camera to plug on Baby's room socket and the other one on your router. The Camera works through the electrical circuit of the house instead of wifi and thus doesn't emit any wave in baby's room. Clip the camera on baby's cot and adjust the direction on baby. 

Baby Camera 0 emission

2. Download the apps on your smartphone and tablet - Compatible with Android and iOS

100% connected, the Babycamera 0% emission can receive digital quality sound and images directly on the tablet, smartphone or the optional baby camera receiver through a dedicated application (compatible iOS or Android). Multi-user up to four users simultaneously. The camera provides plug and play adaptability to monitor baby. This next-generation baby monitor comes complete with all functionality expected of a cutting-edge baby monitor:

  • See baby in day and night vision
  • Set alerts to be informed when baby is awake or crying thanks to the motion detector & microphone sensivity
  • Talk back to baby when he/she is crying to soothe and calm baby
  • Play pre-programmed or uploaded musics, lullabies by remote 
  • Monitor carefully baby's room ambient conditions thanks to a built-in sensors which detect the temperature of the room and a fully-adaptable night light to select the colour and intensity of the light
  • Take pictures or record videos of your little one during its cutest moments 
  • The camera can be securely controlled on more than one phone to enable mums, dads, grandparents to watch baby at the same time.

This video baby monitor provides a highly digital quality of sound and image with a 360° manual rotation to fix easily the camera on baby's bed or somewhere else.


0 emission, 0 risk: A safer way to monitor Baby

Babymoov's pioneering Babycamera 0% emission is a first-of-a-kind, designed to provide parents with a risk-free alternative to monitoring baby. This video baby monitor ensures 0 radio waves in the baby's bedroom thanks to the PLC technology: the information goes through the electrical circuit from the video camera installed in the baby's room to the internet box.

Technical features

  • 205 g
  • 13 x 8.6 x 13.3 cm
  • Mains operated

1st steps to use your baby camera

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  • Otherwise, home shipping costs £3.98
  • Delivery within 3-5 business days
  • 20 days return policy (see return conditions)

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Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 3
  • Average Grade : 3 /5
  • By A. Adriana
  •  the 19/01/2016
This camera has no use at all, the alerts don't work, no sensors for movement, you never know if your baby is awake or sleeping, you have to log on to see. Waste of money. I'm so disappointed.
  • By J. Sahar
  •  the 23/01/2015
Amazing product, rest assured by the 0% emission on the previous baby!
  • By J. Olesia
  •  the 06/01/2015
This will be my third purchase from babymoov.So far,happy with the quality/value of everything that I've bought.


I can’t find the application for my Babycamera 0% Emission.

You can dowload the application “My Babycamera“ on Apple store and Play Store 

I can’t manage to scan the QR Code

Depending on the sensitivity of your smartphone you may have difficulties in scanning the QR Code beneath the foot of the Babycamera 0% Emission. We advise you to put the camera’s foot on a white background; this will let you get round the problem.

The CPL indicator light on the adapters does not show steady green

 The two CPL adapters cannot work together, possibly for one of the following reasons:
- You have connected one of the adapters onto an electric adaptor. Try again by plugging it or them in an electric socket.
- You have plugged your adapters on two different electric circuits (this can happen in the case of a three phase installation). In this case you have to use an electric plug connected in the same phase.
- One of the sockets on which you have connected one of the adapters is separated from the other by an electric panel with a differential circuit-breaker. In this case select two electric sockets that are not separated by a differential circuit-breaker.

The network indicator light of the CPL adapter  (connected to your Internet router) does not light up

Please refer to the instructions of your Internet router. Some of your router’s Ethernet ports may not allow you to connect this type of peripheral.

The indicator light on the Babycamera 0% Emission stays red

Your Babycamera 0% Emission cannot connect to the Babymoov server to identify itself. This means there is either a problem with the CPL, in which case consult section (2) above, or with the network, in which case consult section (3) above.

The combination of my Babycamera 0% Emission with my smartphone/tablet worked properly but when I try to connect I receive this error message: “Camera is not available right now.(?)”

When you combined the Babycamera 0% Emission with your smartphone/tablet you should have connected your smartphone/tablet to your home wifi network. If you haven’t done so, delete the camera from the application (to do this pour click and hold on the image of the camera, then delete); connect your smartphone/tablet to your home wifi network, and lastly re-scan the QR Code beneath the Babycamera 0% Emission.

I want to connect a second Babycamera 0% Emission

Plug your second Babycamera 0% Emission onto your electrical network and wait for it to combine with your CPL adapter of your Internet router (steady CPL indicator light).
You can scan your second Babycamera 0% Emission’s QR code; you will now have access to both Babycamera 0% Emissions from the “My Babycamera” application. The application will show the image of only one Babycamera 0% Emission at a time.


My image is on the “My Babycamera” application is jerky

Check the range and quality of your network connection. We advise you, as far as possible, to use a wifi connection rather than a 3G/4G.
You can diminish the image frequency and quality by going to the menu Settings->Image quality and diminishing the number of images per second (15); you can also diminish the image’s quality (QVGA).

There’s an echo on my smartphone/tablet/Babycamera receiver.

The Babycamera 0% Emission is too close to your smartphone/tablet/Babycamera receiver. If you have to go near the Babycamera 0% Emission deactivate the loudspeaker of your smartphone/tablet/Babycamera receiver temporarily by pressing the loudspeaker button of the “My Babycamera” application.
Don’t forget to reactivate the loudspeaker when you go away from the Babycamera 0% Emission.

I can’t transmit my tune on the Babycamera 0% Emission

There are several possible reasons for this problem:
- The tune you are trying to transmit on your Babycamera 0% Emission is too big. The Babycamera 0% Emission’s memory is limited to5Mo. You have to select a smaller file.
- You’re connected to the camera in 3G/4G. To be able to upload a tune you have to be connected to your home wifi network.
- You are invited to a sharing; in this mode you cannot change the parameters of the Babycamera 0% Emission.

I do not receive the notifications on my smartphone/tablet under IOS.

You have to authorise the “My Babycamera” application to send notifications; this request appears the first time the “My Babycamera” application is used. 
If you haven’t accepted it:
    - uninstall the application on your smartphone/tablet, 
    - go to the Apple Store and install the application again. A message asking you if you want to authorise the application to send push messages will appear; you should accept by pressing on “oui (yes)”.

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