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Dreamy Sleep Trainer Nightlight
Dreamy Adaptable Child’s Night Light - Projection & Lullabies - Sleep Aid View larger



  • Colour-changing indicators: blue glow for night-time, yellow glow for day time
  • Smart Parent Mode/Lock Function
  • Continuous Mode: press the nightlight or lullaby button for 5 secs to activate it (blinking blue line)
  • 2 in 1: Steady light or projection of a starry sky
  • 6 lullabies (melodies & white noise)
  • 2 timers:10 min for the lullabies & 30 mins for the Nightlight
  • Operates with a rechargeable lithium battery and micro-USB cable

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Is your baby sleeping through the night?

This has to be the question that new parents are asked the most. Don't panic, every baby does things at their own pace. Babies find it difficult to tell the difference between day and night. To help you win back a few precious hours of sleep, the NEW  Dreamy Nightlight teaches your child to tell the difference between bedtime and morning time when they should wake up.

Simply activate Dreamy's sleep function at bedtime and your child's preffered sleep duration. You can choose up to 12 hours. Your baby’s nursery is bathed in a soft blue light which lets them know it's time to sleep! After the programmed sleep duration is up, Sleepy will emit a contrasting warm yellow glow like the sun which will gently encourage your child to wake. 

The Dreamy Nightlight can either emit a steady light or project a starry sky. The Dreamy base emits the colours of the rainbow either randomly or in fixed mode. The Dreamy Night Light comes with 6 lullabies* (melodies and white noise), making it a real hit with parents.

Technical Features

  • Composition: 50% ABS / 30% GPPS & 20% WEEE
  • Rechargeable 200mAH lithium battery with micro-USB cable 
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