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Twist™ Breastfeeding Starter Kit



The simple, all-in-one breastmilk expressing, storing and feeding solution for busy breastfeeding mums! 

• 20x175-ml Twist™storage pouches
• 7 pairs of Direct-Pump™ adapters
• 1 Keeper™ to store the pouches
• 2 Squeeze™ natural feeding bottles (easy-grip)
• 3 Active-Latch™ teats (slow, medium and fast flow)
• 2 teat cleaning brushes

Covered by the 2 years legal warranty only (not covered by the Babymoov Lifetime warranty).

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This innovative concept allows you to express, store, and feed with breast milk using a single TWIST™ pouch! 

No transfer at all = No waste

100% of milk nutrients preserved for baby.

TWIST™ pouches are pre-sterilsed and single-use to guarantee no risk of contamination.

Thanks to specifically developed adaptors, TWIST™ pouches are compatible with all major brands of breast pump AND feeding teat!

Dr Shruti Nathwani, Paediatrician - Twist system REVIEW

The Children's Medic

"My breastfeeding journey was not a breeze and something that I struggled with a lot. I remember those long days and nights where I would struggle to get him to latch and I ended up expressing milk just to keep my supply going. It’s times like that when you really appreciate a good, versatile product that just makes your life easier.  

Babymoov Twist was a dream to use. Attaching the pump adaptors to the Medela hospital grade breast pump that I had was simple and easy. The pouches are pre-sterilised and ready to use which means you’re cutting out the middle man. No longer did I need to pump into a sterilised container and transfer into a breastmilk storage pouch, I could just express straight into the storage pouch itself.   

The best part was that when my partner or myself then needed to use the expressed milk from the fridge/freezer we could warm/defrost the given pouches and attach the teats that Jason preferred to the squeeze bottle (which is essentially an outer shell for the pouch). We were then ready to go!  

When you’re exhausted and feeling stretched, products that have multiple uses are really a life saver. The creators of Babymoov Twist really seem in touch with what mums like myself need and I can safely say as a Paediatrician that this unique product helped me with my breastfeeding journey so that I could continue to feed Jason the way I desired." 



Easily express and collect breast milk with TWIST™

Take your breast pump, select the correct Direct-Pump™ adapter, secure it to the breast pump, and screw your Twist™ storage pouch onto it. Your breast pump is ready to use! Express to fill the pouch or multiple pouches.

Step 1


With no milk transfer needed, to store breast milk simply screw the leak-proof cap onto your filled TWIST™ pouch. Write the date on your pouch (cap or pouch).

Store filled pouches horizontally in the Keeper™ supplied in the fridge or freezer. This ensures breast milk is chilled/frozen flat and evenly. When pouches are reheated, it is done so thoroughly and evenly so that breast milk nutrients are preserved as much as possible and to an optimal and safe temperature for baby.

Trial Pack - step 2


To feed baby, warm your filled TWIST™ pouch using a suitable breast milk warmer such as the Kozii™ by Babymoov (sold separately). 

Slide your Twist™ pouch into the Squeeze™ feeding bottle (included) and take your preferred teat. (Alternative branded teat or one of three included Active-Latch™ teats)

Active-latch™: Specially designed to encourage active sucking, the TWIST™ Active-latch™ teats mimick the shape of a mother's breast, perfectly.

If using another brand of teat, use the Direct-Pump™ adapters provided to attach teat to your TWIST™ feeding bottle.

Step 3

Product Includes:

• 20x175-ml Twist™storage pouches
• 7 pairs of Direct-Pump™ adapters (compatible with all major breast pump and teat brands on the market*)
• 1 Keeper™ to store the pouches
• 2 Squeeze™ natural feeding bottles (easy-grip)
• 3 Active-Latch™ teats ( slow, medium and fast flow)
• 2 teat cleaning brushes

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