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Hygro+ noiseless multi-functional baby humidifier

  • Regulates the safest humidity level (recommended for baby 40-50%)
  • 3in1 product: Humidifier, oil diffuser and nightlight
  • Reduces the symptoms of illness, asthma, eczema, winter infections, seasonal allergies
  • Colour-changing nightlight: Warm colours are less disruptive at night
  • Safety automatic shut-off when water tank gets low

Hygro+ MadeForMums Award 2020

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Ensure the healthiest air condition with the noiseless, multi-function, cool mist humidifier, Hygro Plus

Hygro+ regulates the healthiest room humidity which reduces the impact of air pollution, dust particles and common allergens in the air.

An imbalance in humidity levels within the home can help these allergens and bacteria to thrive which can contribute to congestion, colds, coughs, seasonal allergies and other respiratory and skin conditions.

TOP TIP: The recommended humidity level for a child's room is 40% to 50%

Health Benefits of Hygro(+)

Helps to reduce...

  • coughing and development of colds
  • risk of conjunctivitis
  • risk of bronchitis
  • nasal infections
  • irritations of the nose
  • asthma 
  • tiredness
  • dry skin

What you will love about Hygro Plus Humidifier...

  • Digital display of humidity rate and room temperature

  • Manual or automated control: Regulate desired air temperature and humidity levels throughout the day and night time with the automation function
  • Adjustable steam output at 360°

  • Sleek backlit touchscreen control panel (use at night)

  • Colour-changing night light function (7 colours)

  • Essential oil diffuser (Try a baby-friendly scent like lavender or camomile!)

  • With a full tank of water, Hygro+ will run for up to 22 hours

  • Safe for baby's room: Hygro+ will automatically shut-off when the water level gets low.

Hygro + features

3 top tips for protecting baby from air pollutants and allergens

  • Air the room for 10 minutes a day (winter and summer) This will reduce the concentration of pollutants in your home

  • Check your ventilation system regularly to ensure proper air circulation

  • Use a humidifier in the nursery and home to purify the air and monitor/control the humidity level.

Hygro + humidifier lifestyle

How to clean/maintain your Hygro(+)

The Hygro+ is a great piece of home kit for baby and the whole family. We even use it right here in the Babymoov HQ and love its health benefits!

If you are using essentials oils with your Hygro+ (as we do), make sure you add 2-3 drops into the oil tray only and not into the tank itself. Using essential oils like Lavender oil is perfectly safe for use around your baby and a great way to help set a soothing tone before bedtime, not to mention the gorgeous smell diffusing through the house. If you do use the oil diffuser function on Hygro+, it is important however that you maintain the cleaning of the product as oil residue can leave a sticky film and over time interrupt the smooth functioning of the unit itself.

1. Tank Cleaning

Depending on the quality/hardness of your water or how often you use the unit with oils, you may need to clean the tank at least once a week and change the water in the tank after each use. Clean the tank using roughly 20ml of normal household bleach. Put the bleach into the tank itself with a full tank of cold water, give a good shake and leave to stand for half an hour. If residue is particularly bad or has been left for over a week you can use a dish brush or bottle brush to clean the remaining residue. Rinse out the tank thoroughly with warm water and leave to dry.

2. Base Cleaning

We recommend to clean the base of your Hygro+ once a week with a solution of white vinegar and water - roughly 2 parts vinegar to 1 part water until it fills the base. Let the base stand for half an hour with the vinegar solution in it. Rinse out with some warm water being particularly careful not to immerse the electrical part of the unit in water. Allow to dry completely.

3. Accessories cleaning

The chimney and the oil tray can also be soaked and cleaned in a weak solution of bleach and water to lift any oil residue.

For any questions relating to the function and maintenance of Hygro+, please call our friendly customer service advisor on 01823 772998. Phone lines are open 10am-2pm every week day.

Technical Details:

Materials PP/ABS + PS (Base)

AC 220-240 V - 50 60 HZ

Dimensions 26.8 x 24.2 x 35 cm

Lifetime warranty

Babymoov is committed to offering high quality and 100% safe and certified products. To demonstrate our commitment to quality always, take advantage of our lifetime warranty promise available on all our products.

Hygro(+) Instruction Maual

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