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When the Bloggers mums talk about the Swoon!

Find out the latest reviews of Bloggers mums about the innovative Swoon up baby bouncer and Swoon Motion swing !

Mother's always right blog

By Molly from Mother's always right Blog
" The Swoon Motion rocks from side to side and has various music settings so it can play lullabies at the same time. I really think that, had we had this chair when Baby Girl was really tiny, I may have had my hands free that little bit more. I loved (and still love) the baby cuddles and the excuse to sit on the sofa and do nothing much more than watch Netflix, but sometimes you need to put a wash on or (heaven forbid) get dressed, and your baby may hate being put in her moses basket. The Swoon Motion is a safe, comfortable place for her to go and it may even have the added bonus of helping your baby get to sleep at the same time. "

Bell du Brighton Blog

By Lauren from Belle du Brighton Blog
" The Swoon Up is different from other baby chairs and bouncers on the market as it has two height positions, and rotates 360 degrees! We mainly use it in the top position, as it brings Arlo up to the height of the table so he can be with the rest of the family as we eat meals, or watch Athena colouring at the table! "

Mam Mim Blog

By Mim from Mama Mim Blog
" It’s so soft and comfortable for him to lie in and can be adjusted so easily for him to lie flat or sit more upright.  Sitting upright is better for Mini M at the moment as he’s quite prone to spitting up and lying too flat is uncomfortable."
Enchanted pixie blog
By Polly from Enchanted Pixie
" Since he was a few weeks old, Vega has wanted to be wherever we are, part of the action and joining in. Come meal time, he likes to be sat on one of our knees so he can watch us eat {I swear, he can’t wait to pinch our food!}. We have a couple of baby chairs, but they’re all so low that they’re no use for meal times. The Swoon Up is a new design, with two height settings as well as three seat positions. It means that you can have the chair low if you’re lounging on the sofa, or up high so baby can be a part of family mealtimes."