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My bag.My style!

Let your personality shine with your changing bag!

Take the below personality test and find out which changing bag is made for you! What kind of mum are you: a traveller, fashion, organized, adventuress... A little of everything at the same time? Discover which bag among the 7 models best suites to your personality and lifestyle!

Babymoov changing bags

Babymoov has launched a new concept with an extensive range of changing bags especially for mums to showcase their own style. Whether its fashion, practicality, small, big, colourful or discreet, there’s one for everyone... and even dads too!

With these extremely handy bags, you'll be always organised with all your must-haves at hand as well as having a changing bag to your liking and style! You're bound to find the one to match your lifestyle or travel habits out of our 7 models! It was a real first in the baby care world when Babymoov organised a fashion show in Paris with a live broadcast around the world to launch the “My bag,My style" range. 30 real-life mums and dads, recruited during a wide-scale casting in the social networks, strutted their stuff to present the 30 new bags of the range. Discover the 7 models of the range in the replay video of the show. Each bag comes in different colours so you can find just the one for YOU!