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The first and only video baby monitor 0% emission wave!

Babymoov has just launched its brand new and revolutionary connected video baby monitor with no emission waves: the Babycamera 0% emission

Global innovation

Always committed to limiting children's exposure to electromagnetic waves, the Babymoov teams have created the first baby monitor with 0 electromagnetic wave emissions! A revolutionary technology that ensures the total absence of electromagnetic waves in baby's room. Babymoov is the very first brand to meet the challenge of carrying both audio and video data while protecting Baby's health thanks to the CPL technology.

Babycamera 0 emission waveNo interference from broadband and other in home electronics, the babycamera 0% emission also comes with many functions such as talkback to let you talk to your baby, room temperature monitor with readings sent directly to smartphons, nightlight activation by remote control with a multiple colours choice, multi-users up to four users simultaneously. Possibility to set up alerts to warn you when baby is crying, when the temperature is too hot / low, motion sensor... Images and sounds can be received on smartphone, tablet or the dedicated babycamera receiver. This video baby monitor is conneted directly to an intuitive app compatible to IOs and Android. It ensures your baby cannot be seen bay anyone else.

video baby monitor

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