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FAQ Lifetime Warranty

1. How can I make a lifetime warranty claim ?

You bought your product from Babymoov.co.uk...

We manage your registration. One month after your purchase, you will be informed by email that your product is available for being registered on Lifetime Warranty. Just click on the link inside the email or go to your account then select the warranty section. You will see in this section your product(s) available for Lifetime Warranty. Just check the box and it's done!

You bought your Babymoov product from an other store...

Please go to www.service-babymoov.com and follow the explanation: you will have to fill out the form within two months of the date of purchase. You will need an electronic copy (scanner, photo, in .pdf, .doc, .jpg... format) of your proof of purchase (a till or full receipt is required, we cannot provide a warranty for your product without one). The date and place of your purchase and the Babymoov product name must appear on your proof of purchase.

2. What Does The Lifetime Warranty Cover ?

The lifetime warranty applies under the condition that the product is used in compliance with the information sheet, in case of electric or electronic faults and faulty parts .It does not cover deterioration due to improper use, parts that are broken or that have fallen off, fabrics, consumable materials (dummies, bulbs...), the screen printing, normal wear and some elements such as plastic.

Replacement of lithium batteries are included in the legal warranty (2 years from date of purchase) After this time (during the Lifetime Warranty) if stock is available customers will be able to purchase batteries via babymoov.co.uk. If this particular battery is no longer in stock, the whole product will be replaced or the customer refunded.

Every request for assistance under the Lifetime Warranty requires a physical inspection of the product. Upon receiving your request, Babymoov will inform you of the procedures that need to be carried out based on your request for assistance.

For more information, please contact our customer service 01823 772998