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MR & MRS QUIZ – Baby Shower Special!

So you think you know your other half…

The countdown is on until your baby finally arrives! But how well do you really know your partner, and how well does he know you in your preparation to become parents? Never fear – we’ve devised the Mr & Mrs Quiz Baby Shower Special to reveal just how in-sync you two really are!

Mr & Mrs quiz - baby shower special



BEFORE THE SHOWER: Get someone to ask dad-to-be the list of questions, and make a note of his answers. If dad will be there, then no need! 

AT THE SHOWER: Ask mum-to-be the same questions, and if she can guess what dad answered, she gets it right!

…OR take the quiz on a quiet night in with your partner, and debate about your answers!



Q1       What year did you get together?

Q2       What’s his most annoying habit?

Q3       What would he say is your weirdest food craving since being pregnant?

Q4       What’s his signature dish in the kitchen?

Q5       What would he say is your most annoying habit??

Q6       What’s his first baby name choice?

Q7       What would he say is your favourite choice for the baby’s name?

Q8       Who really gets the final say on baby’s name?

Q9       What would he say you miss/will miss most about not being pregnant?

Q10     What do you hope baby gets from mum?

Q11     What do you hope baby gets from dad?

Q12     What do you hope baby doesn’t get from mum?

Q13     What do you hope baby doesn’t get from dad?

Q14     Which of you is more likely to leave the baby somewhere?

Q15     Who’s the official spider remover?

Q16     Who’s more likely to get up in the night, mum or dad?

Q17     Who will/did cry first at the birth?

Q18     What’s the one thing (apart from you and baby, of course) he couldn’t live without?

Q19     Who will hate changing nappies the most?

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