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5 questions to correctly choose a baby monitor

1. Do I want to hear + watch at baby / Do I only want to hear at baby?

You can choose a baby monitor audio or video. This depends on the use and needs you will have. Today, some baby monitors give the possibility to have a night vision, VOX function or even a large touch screen in order you can monitor baby peacefully.

2. What about the range?

If you live in an apartment or a small house or a single-storey house, you can use a baby monitor with a 250 or 300m range.
If in contrary, you live in a house where baby’s room is far from the rooms you use to live, or if you have thick walls, then better choose a model with a 1000 m range that will allow you to perfectly monitor baby.

3. What about the monitor’s technology?

Technology used will depend on the baby monitor model or brand:

  • Analogical (mainly used for audio baby monitors)
  • Digital (can help reducing interferences) 
  • Green Digital Technology (low power technology, that combine digital performances with a clear sound and no interferences, with a low power guarantee)
  • WIFI/Bluetooth connected
  • PLC (Power-line Communication connected (communication between the monitor and the receptor through the home wired electrical network, which will reduce waves in baby’s room)

4. What about the baby monitor control?

With some baby monitors, you can have the possibility to orientate and adjust the camera point of view from the receptor. Then, you don’t need to go to baby’s room to do it, avoiding waking him up. Other models, connected, enable controlling and monitoring the baby monitor functionalities remotely thanks to a single app (VOX, walkie-talkie and lullabies mode activation, alarms monitoring…)

5. What about the baby monitor additional options?

Nowadays, baby monitors are veritable allies for parents, by offering an important functions panel, enabling them to reassure their baby: walkie-talkie (to talk to baby remotely), lullaby, image and video capture (to save every good moment), screen sharing (to share every moment with family and friends) or possibility to add more receptors (to monitor several babies at the same time)…