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"Baby sleep advice" by the the physiotherapist pedeatrician Meike Göhler 

Laying baby on its back to avoid neonatal death

Bed time is a key moment for babies and parents. Beyond the fact that a good bedding will help your little angel to find a soothed sleep, it is although a safety matter.  

In order to avoid neonotal death, it is usually recommended to lie baby exclusively on its back for better breathing and temperature regulation. Unfortunately this safety position can lead to plagiocephaly syndrom, more known under the expression "flat head".

Indeed, during the first months of baby's life, the skull is not shaped yet and by letting baby in the same position, it can flatten its skull. 

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How to prevent from plagiocephaly syndrom?

This postpartum distortion requires long physiotherapist sessions to resolve it and for the most extreme cases, a therapy with an helmet for baby. Lucky us, there are preventive solutions that can be used during the first months of baby's life to avoid the plagiocephaly syndrom!

The pedeatrician Meike Göhler recommends to use specific baby cushions and sleep positionners to avoid flat head such as the Lovenest Pillow that has been designed by a pedeatrician (read its interview to know more about the plagiocephaly syndrom).

During the awakening periods, it is strongly recommended to often change baby's position (on the side, on the stomach for exemple). During sleeping periods, it is recommended to provide a back position with the less unitateral pression. To do so, pedeatricians have helped to develop specific sleep positionners such as the Cosydream to provide perfect sleep position for baby. The baby cushions must be used from birth up to 6 months, when baby starts to turn by itself, he /she will automatically finds its best sleeping position. 

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Pedeatrician Meike gohler

Meike Gohler is a physiotherapist pedeatrician that gives advice in handling and a physiology coach for parents