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Babymoov innovation secrets

10 patents pending in 2014

Innovation has always been the driving force of Babymoov with a yearly investment of more than £1 million in research and development. Babymoov has a unique co-creation approach aimed at designing, together with parents, truly innovative products that make their life easier.

Babymoov with mums!

Since the very begining Babymoov has always worked closely with mums to understand their needs and co-create innovative products.

On-site observation

Babymoov reaches out to parents in their daily lives. By observing, filming, giving them a view GoPro, our teams detect the real needs of families. That's how the Aquanest bathtub came out. By observing mums in their daily life, Babymoov team could notice that the temperature of the water was a main concern and a source of stress for parents. In response, Babymoov has created the first baby Bath tub that keeps water at the right temperature.

Trendy mum days

By organizing meetings and "Trendy Mum days" Babymoov gives the floor to the first persons concerned by these products: mums! These meetings are always very rich in exchange, creativity and cheerfulness.

Co-created products

Mums are invited to share their opinions on new products they were able to test and testimony on their daily using as mums! Babymoov also entrusts parents new products before they are launched for testing in real conditions. Following their constructive feedback, the Babymoov teams can make the necessary improvements for innovative finished product, practice and design. That's how the brand new stylish muslin blanket were created. 

The Babymoov nursery: our observatory

The first Babymoov nursery has been launched in september 2013. In this ecological nursery open to all businesses near the head office in France, Babymoov provides baby equipment to professional who cares the 30 children. Aged from 3 months to 3 years, children are aroused and developed themselves safely thanks to Babymoov products. This is a great opportunity for the Babymoov marketing team to observe their behavior with the products. Babymoov can then refine and optimize its products in order to best fit the needs of your baby!

Live open innovation process

Muslin blanketBabymoovtrendy mum days

The essential role of social networks 

In addition to these appointments, social networks also serve to keep a constant connection with parents: many Facebook fans and people on Twitter follow Babymoov lastest news and and answer to our surveys. As for blogs, they are a must for the brand that is seeking bloggers regularly for their feelings. Recently 5 mums bloggers have been invested with a mission to create a new flagship: the muslin blanket! Thereby remaining listening to them, the brand incorporates a genuine process of creation interactive and strives to develop products closer to their expectations.