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The thruth behind common weaning myths

With the help of nutritionist Julia Wolman, Babymoov aim to help parents navigate through the enormous amount of information and advice that is often conflicting, to dispel some common myths associated with weaning. 

"Babies can't eat lumps without teeth"  – They can, their gums are strong enough to deal with lumps!

"Babies shouldn't play with their food" – They absolutely should and is an important part of how they learn about textures and tastes, #messisbest!

"Weaning will help babies sleep through the night" – A common argument but it won't, as eating and sleeping are unrelated behaviors.

"Babies should have a savoury followed by sweet "course" at lunch and dinner" – There is no right or wrong, but they learn from us as parents who decide what order they eat things and then this becomes the normal.  Let your baby try different tastes together - my son often had yogurt at the same time as his main course I remember him dipping his corn on the cob into it quite happily!

"You should introduce a new food every 3 days" – This would take forever especially as babies are weaning later now! Introduce a new one every day, and mix it with flavours your baby does like.

"It's up to mum to decide how much the baby should eat" – Wrong! Babies know when they're hungry or not, we should always respect their appetite and let them tell us when they have finished. 

"Babies are ready for weaning when they chew their fists" – Not necessarily, this may be because they've just discovered their fists, which usually happens around 4 months.

"Cooking with ghee has health benefits for babies" – Ghee is a typically Indian form of clarified butter, but regular butter or vegetable oil is just fineto use.