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Meet Sarah - "Toby Goes Banana"


“I am Sarah and I blog at Toby Goes Banana. I'm married to Barry and mum to Toby who is two and three quarters and Gabriel who is nine months old. My weaning experience so far with Gabe has been a bit up and down - teething and illness have put him off his food recently but I hope we'll get back to normal soon.  I wanted to be part of #stresslessweaning because with a toddler and a baby I am always looking for ways to make my life less stressful! I am most looking forward to sharing our weaning experiences and working with the other bloggers who are a part of the #stresslessweaning adventure. In my blog I will be focusing in particular on combining babyled and traditional weaning, and making weaning-friendly family meals that can be enjoyed by mum & dad, a toddler and a baby!”

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