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Meet Suzanne - "Sofa Stories"


“I am one half of Sofa Stories and my name is Suzanne. Mum to Emily Elizabeth (aka Boo Bop) and Luke William (aka Mr Moo). Also in our family there is my husband to be and long suffering partner in crime of 10 years Richard. Our Weaning experience so far is so, so different from first time around, Emily picked and was so fussy whereas Luke will try anything but we have to check EVERYTHING for milk which is a pain and quite restrictive but we are getting there. I loved the thought of being part of a #stresslessweaning community.  I had undiagnosed post natal depression with Emily and struggled with groups in general so missed out I feel on the general food chat. This time around i want to go to groups but often feel a little isolated as I'm second time round mum and first time mums seem to be clique. I am most looking forward to decluttering my work top of blenders and blitzers and having one bit if equipment that does all well with the help of some fab recipes and with my little chef Emily at my side. In my blog I will be focusing in particular on living with allergies and intolerance’s”.

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