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Meet Kay - "Mummy B."


“Kay is Mummy B, Mum to Darcie (4, next month) and Henry (7 months). My husband Jamie and our dog, Lady complete our family... My weaning experience so far, has been a lot more enjoyable than my experience with Darcie. I wanted to take part in the #StresslessWeaning because I remember just how stressed I got with my daughter, was constantly seeking advice, scared to even try certain things. However, really weaning should be an enjoyable experience, helping your child to discover new tastes and textures. I wanted to be able to show other parents that weaning really doesn't have to be stressful as it first seems (despite the mess!!). I'm most looking forward to creating new recipe’s for my little ones to try, and hopefully changing some eating habits of my older child too. Weaning can involve the whole family, its great to encourage healthy eating across the whole family. On my blog I will be particularly focusing on breastfeeding and weaning, also encouraging healthy eating across the whole family through weaning.”

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