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Meet Laura - "Mamma Fairy"


“I am the Mamma Fairy aka Laura, Mum to R aged 3 and S almost 1 and we live with  Dadda Fairy aka Christopher. My Weaning experience so far is eventful!! A hospital stay and dairy intolerance have led us to restart the weaning journey albeit a lot later than planned. This is why I wanted to be part of #stresslessweaning -  our weaning journey is unconventional, we are late starters to it and want to share our experience in the hope it helps other parents. I am most looking forward to sharing experiences and not letting my son’s  intolerance impact on his enjoyment of food. In my blog I will be focusing in particular on managing dairy intolerance, starting weaning late and the associated challenges.  Hopefully as an added bonus, I will be involving my 3 year old who is a fussy eater and would like her to eat a wider variety of foods.  I am hoping  to do things differently this time and am looking forward to the support of Julia the Babymoov nutritionist and working with other parents who are participating in the #stresslessweaning adventure.”

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