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portrait-all-about-a-mini-norrisMeet Kerry - "All about a mini Norris"

“I am 'all about a mini Norris' aka Kerry, Mum to Eva who is 3 and Ophelia who is 5 and a half months. Also in our family there is hubby Arwyn and Alfie the dog who is also 3. Ophelia has recently started weaning so she is still on the puree stage. She has tried vegetables and fruit and is now trying flavour combinations. I wanted to be part of #stresslessweaning as I wanted my experience this time around to be easier than my first, and for it to be a fun experience. I am excited about Ophelia’s firsts; trying cheese, finger food, meat etc and want other parents to see the fun food can be, rather than feeling anxiety.  I am also looking forward to being able to prepare meals for the whole family and Ophelia being able to eat the same things as the rest of the family. In my blog I will be focusing in particular on weaning whilst travelling, family friendly meals, batch cooking and firsts during weaning.”

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Her blog: Allaboutamininorris

Twitter: @amininorrisblog

Facebook: KerryNorris