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My Loyalty points

My Loyalty Points

Collect points when you shop & transform them into vouchers

Collect 1 point per £1 spent on www.babymoov.co.uk and transform them into vouchers whenever you want. Check your amount of points collected at anytime in the section "My Loyalty Points" and either choose to convert them into vouchers or make them go further.

Babymoov Advantages Card

Tansform your points into vouchers

  • 50 points = £5
  • 100 points = £10
  • 150 points = £15

Spend your earnings on Babymoov website

You can issue your vouchers at any time by just clicking on "Transfmor my points into a voucher of £xx" in the section "My Loyalty Points" of your account. Vouchers expire after 12 months, in the meantime you can use them to make a purchase accross all Babymoov website from £50. 

Points cannot be refunded once converted into voucher. Also, if you return your order, the collected points would be cancelled.