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Low-emission baby monitors are the safest on the market

Baby monitors offer parents peace of mind - wherever you are in the house, you can always see or hear baby’s nursery. But some brands produce baby monitors using high-performing, interference-free DECT technology, which give out very high electromagnetic wave emissions and can have harmful effects on baby. 

Why are electromagnetic waves dangerous?

Mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and baby monitors all emit electromagnetic waves around baby every day. There is evidence that babies are much more sensitive to these waves because of their still-developing brain, which absorbs 60% more waves than an adult brain!

Why is Babymoov different?

In 2008, Babymoov was the first brand to consider the issue of wave emissions when designing their baby monitors. Babymoov chose analogue technology to create baby monitors which combine performance and safety - our monitors’ emission levels are far below the standards in the industry!

What is Digital Green Technology?

In 2012 we created Digital Green Technology, which combines the high performance of digital technology (clear sound, zero interference) with the safety of low-emission power levels. Our Digital Green monitors only emit 2.99 mW - far below the industry standard of 25 mW.

A study carried out in April 2013 by the EMC laboratory at the Institut Pascal certified that Babymoov’s baby monitors emit up to 33x less waves than other brands!


  • Do not use baby monitors that transmit continuously

  • Place the baby monitor a few meters away from your baby

  • Fully unplug electrical appliances when not in use

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile phones overnight

What baby monitor is right for me?

Everyone’s needs are different, depending on where they live and how many babies they want to monitor.

If you only use your baby monitor occasionally or your baby’s room is close to yours choose a simple model with a range of 300 to 500 m.

If you live in a block of flats, you may be surrounded by other families using baby monitors…. choose a baby monitor with multiple channels to avoid interference.

If you live in a house or your room is away from the baby’s room you should choose a model with long range. Babymoov baby monitors’ ranges are as big as 1,400m (Premium Care monitor).

If you have twins or children close in age that you want to monitor with a single device… choose a model that can monitor multiple transmitters with one receiver, such as the new YOO range of video monitors.

Babymoov offers a broad range of baby monitors, from low-emission audio monitors to the new YOO range of video monitors.

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