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Protect your babies: choose the ‘low emission‘!

Checking the baby, especially when he/she is asleep, is essential for parents. Some are reassured they can hear it if it cries, others also need to see it. To meet everyone’s needs, Babymoov offers audio and/or video baby monitors that focus on performance and the baby’s health.

Mobile phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors... all devices that emit electromagnetic waves around the baby.
There is evidence that babies are much more sensitive to waves because their brain, which is still developing, absorbs 60% more waves than the brain of an adult!

brain children

Electromagnetic waves: Babymoov takes a stance

More and more studies seem to prove that there is a relationship between wave exposure and the onset of health issues.

And our babies are the very 1st generation to be exposed to waves at a very young age! Because you can’t put a price on baby’s health, in 2008 Babymoov was the fi rst brand to take into account the issue of waves in designing their baby monitors and apply the precautionary approach. Babymoov chose analogue technology a long time ago, as opposed to brands that pursue performance through DECT baby monitors, which have very high wave emissions. its baby monitors associate performance and safety with emission power levels far below the 10 mW standard set for this technology: 1.25 mW!

Digital Green Technology

In 2012, the brand was able to innovate itself to meet the expectations of parents with the creation of a brand new technology, Digital green, thereby combining the performance of digital technology (its clear, zero interference) with the safety of low-emission power levels. Once more, waves emitted at 2.99 mW are far below the 25 mW standard set for this technology.

Digital Green Technology

A stydy carried out in April 2013 by the EMC laboratory at the Institut Pascal, connected to the CNRS, certified that Babymoov’s baby monitors emit a lower amount of waves.

The figure is striking : the brand’s appliances emit up to 33 times less waves!

up to 33 times

Babies, Baby Monitors and electromagnetic waves: Babymoov recommendations

What you should do

  • Do not use baby monitors that transmit continuously.
  • Place the baby monitor a few meters away from the child.
  • Fully unplug electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Turn off WI-FI terminals and mobile phones during the night

Advice to choose your baby monitor

  • If you live in a flat or a house, you have one or several children, you will have different needs.
  • You use your baby monitor occasionally or your baby’s room is close to yours: choose a simple model with a range of 300 to 500 m.
  • You live in a block of flats: you may be surrounded by other families using baby monitors. You should then opt for baby monitors with a number of channels to always find a free channel and avoid interference.
  • You live in a house or your room is away from the baby’s room: you should then focus on the range, choose a model with a 1000 m range that will allow you to perfectly monitor the baby.
  • You have twins or children close in age that you want to monitor with a single device: choose a model that can monitor multiple transmitters with one receiver, such as Digital Green.

Babymoov’s baby monitors

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