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Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work

Going back to work after having a baby can feel overwhelming, here we share our tips for Breastfeeding whilst at work.

Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work

The breast milk storage solution designed
to be used with your own breast pump...

Breastfeeding - as beautiful as it is - is demanding for a new mum at the best of times. TWIST™ by Babymoov has been designed as a complete solution for efficient milk storage and safe, easy feeding. (Not forgetting the pressure taken off mum when dad and other family members are able to help with feeding time!)

How does Twist™ work?

Step 1: Collect milk

TWIST™ Direct-Pump™ adaptors enable mums to twist-lock their preferred single and double breast pump onto Twist pouches for maximum comfort.

Select the correct Direct-Pump™ adaptor, secure it to your breast pump, and screw your pre-sterilised Twist™ pouch onto it. Express to fill the pouch or multiple pouches – it is as easy as that.

Twist breast pump adaptors

Image: Babymoov, Twist™ Direct-Pump™ adaptors allow all major brands of breast pump
(Ameda, Avent, Tommee Tippee, Medela, Lansinoh and more) to lock onto Twist™ pouches.

Step 2: Store milk

No milk transfer = perfectly preserved milk can be stored away instantly.

Simply screw the leak-proof cap onto your filled TWIST™ pouch to store away. Store filled pouches horizontally in the Keeper™ (included), in the fridge or freezer. This ensures breast milk is chilled or frozen flat and evenly which ensures when pouches are warmed heating is done so thoroughly and evenly to preserve maximum breast milk nutrients and avoid hotspots.

Twist breastfeeding kit

Step 3: Feed baby

Easy feeding transition: TWIST™ Direct-Pump™ adaptors guarantee baby’s preferred bottle teat can be used on Twist pouches as well as 3 included Active-latch™ teats making feeding time as natural and comfortable as possible.

To feed baby, warm your filled TWIST™ pouch using a suitable breast milk warmer such as the Kozii™ by Babymoov (sold separately).

Simply slide your Twist™ pouch into the Squeeze™ feeding bottle, take your preferred teat and attach to the Squeeze™ feeding bottle using the correct adaptor.

Image: Babymoov, Direct-Pump™ adaptors allow baby’s preferred teat to lock onto
Twist™ pouches for an easy, natural and comfortable transition to Twist™.

Twist teat adaptors

How can Twist help me?

I am a new mum unable to breastfeed some or all of the time...

If this is you mums, you aren’t alone. Twist was designed to enable every baby to benefit from breast milk. For mothers able to express, this simple solution keeps the whole feeding process as close to natural breastfeeding as possible as well as comfortable, painless and hassle-free – thanks to its patented breast pump adaptors. If you love it, why change it. Express directly into the Twist pouches and no further transfer is needed before feeding your baby.

I am a new mum, soon to return to work or in need of help with feeding time...

For mums that aren’t ready to stop breastfeeding but their imminent return to work is saying otherwise, the beauty of Twist™ is that all prep can easily be done in advance. Breast milk is expressed, preserved and organised ready for easy feeding time with dad, a grandparent or childminder, in a matter of minutes.

I am a breastfeeding mum in need of an alternative solution to feeding my baby out and about...

The easy pre-prep stages mean Twist is also perfect for feeding your baby on-the-go or when you don’t have the convenience and privacy of your own home. Whatever you prefer, it’s totally travel-friendly! From bag to baby, your pre-filled Twist™ pouch can be fit with baby’s preferred teat in a matter of seconds