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Cosydream baby sleep support

Unrestrictive cocoon: a reassuring space to transition baby from womb to cot

Co-created with a French Paediatric Osteopath

Adjustable leg roll: Reduces symptoms of colic, reflux

Built-in flat-head pillow

Suitable to use on flat surfaces within cots/co-sleepers

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Co-created with a French paediatric Osteopath Cosydream is the bestselling sleep aid best used straight from birth and designed to transition baby to sleep comfortably and safely from the womb to the cot in their first 3 months.

Thanks to subtle supports in a non-restricting position, Cosydream's ultra-soft, breathable shell provides a reassuring cocoon for baby – mimicking the security of being inside the womb. Cosydream’s built-in head pillow offers a subtle yet unique cushioning to baby’s skull to combat plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and encourages the development of a desired rounded shape. The leg support roll is detachable and adjustable as baby grows, which fractionally raises baby’s legs in a comfortable position, close to a more familiar fetal position. The elevation of the legs helps to prevent reflux while creating the ideal back position and discourages any strain on the stomach muscles that might occur if baby’s legs were completely flat.

UK Paediatric Osteopath Avni Trivedi says “I’ve recommended the Cosydream to clients with babies suffering from reflux, and to prevent flattening of the soft bones of the skull. It’s safe and sturdy but comfy for a small baby. I’ve even taken to using one in the clinic as it keeps babies snug during their osteopathic sessions.”

The Cosydream is recommended from birth up to 3 months or until baby is capable of turning over on their own.

Osteo recommandation


• The ultimate head and body support to encourage the perfect natural position for baby to sleep comfortably on his/her back
• Special incline head pillow prevents plagiocephaly (flat head) by spreading pressure evenly across baby’s skull
• Leg support gently elevates legs to prevent reflux and alleviate any pressure on stomach muscles
• Breathable mesh fabric helps to keep baby cool

Technical details


Outside – Cotton / Polyester
Inside – 100% Polyurethane
Dimensions: 58 x 38 x 8 cm
Washable at 30⁰

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Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 50
  • Average Grade : 4 /5
  • By H. Clare
  •  the 12/09/2018
  • By H. Eleni
  •  the 10/09/2018
Have not used this yet but looks and feels great.
  • By G. Wendy
  •  the 05/09/2018
A great quality product , brilliant design , baby loves sleeping in this .
  • By W. Stacy
  •  the 03/09/2018
As above
  • By D. Maria
  •  the 09/04/2018
Was a gift not used as yet looks great would recommend
  • By D. Krissy
  •  the 29/10/2017
Great product, our baby settled so much better in the Moses basket. And it's completely washable - perfect!
  • By M. Louise
  •  the 07/08/2017
Looks so comfortable - wish they did adult size!
  • By L. Andrew
  •  the 15/07/2017
Great little product, not used yet as still cooking
  • By R. Justyna
  •  the 06/07/2017
Good product, my son likes to sleep in it. Lightweight so easy to travel with and washes good.
  • By P. Bartosz
  •  the 06/07/2017
Im very happy with Cosyfream products.
  • By H. Gemma
  •  the 05/07/2017
It helped my newborn to find a comfortable position to sleep in. She automatically wanted to sleep on her side and this helped her to be safe and comfortable.
  • By M. Michelle
  •  the 27/06/2017
I bought this for my newborn daughter who was finding it difficult to sleep on her back. I must admit I wasn't convinced it would work but it's been brilliant! My daughter sleeps contently on her back in and looks so comfortable. Only wish I had bought it for my eldest child. Definitely worth the money! ☺️
  • By M. Mary
  •  the 25/05/2017
My newborn loves it. She looks safe, secure and very snug. Easy to adjust to her height. I'' very happy with my purchase.
  • By P. Carole
  •  the 30/03/2017
Exactly what I was needing excellent service from babymoov as always
  • By S. Hannah
  •  the 11/02/2017
AMAZING!! My son finally slept in his Moses basket thanks to babymoov!
  • By S. Lee
  •  the 30/01/2017
Not used yet
  • By N. Martin
  •  the 01/01/2017
As expected, looks comfortable - we'll find out.... :)
  • By A. Lisa
  •  the 26/12/2016
Baby comfortable
  • By L. Diosa
  •  the 25/12/2016
Haven't tested it yet as it's still 3 months away until is born, so far I can say the product looks and feels luxurious. Very well made and worth the money. I can't wait to use it as I'm sure baby will definitely benefit from it.
  • By H. Pauline
  •  the 17/11/2016
Good product
  • By B. Melissa
  •  the 02/11/2016
Very good. Appears comfortable
  • By M. Eamonn
  •  the 30/10/2016
Absolutely perfect, met all my expectations after reading all the reviews which were absolutely spot on. a well made cleverly deigned product , the cosy dream has made a huge difference to our babies sleep and rest.
  • By L. Leanne
  •  the 29/10/2016
Fantastic product, can't live without it
  • By W. Farheen
  •  the 27/10/2016
The cosy dreamhas helped my little one settle into his crib much better. He feels more securevand stays asleep longer. Would recommend
  • By Y. Akurath
  •  the 23/10/2016
Qualtity is poor
  • By B. June
  •  the 15/09/2016
Looks to be a very good item although my little grand-daughter hasn't arrived yet. I reviewed the item before ordering and it had great reviews so I bought it, extremely excited for my little grand-daughter to sleep in it now ?
  • By W. Simon
  •  the 05/09/2016
Great product. Helped settle our baby and she now sleeps much better. Nice quality and feels very soft & comfortable
  • By T. Mariannr
  •  the 28/07/2016
My newborn son likes this cushion. We cover it tightly with a sheet to protect from milky sick. He's more likely to stay asleep when transferred to this cushion.
  • By A. Shazia
  •  the 15/07/2016
Looks and feels good...haven't used it yet though as haven't had baby yet!
  • By W. Samantha
  •  the 10/07/2016
This has been a god send!! My lg wouldn't sleep on anything but me until I got this! Now she sleeps from 10-7.30!! A sane mummy is very grateful!
  • By S. Sarah
  •  the 30/06/2016
Top quality product that helped immensely with settling our very fidgety grunting baby. We used it inside a Chicco Next 2 Me crib and a moses basket and the baby seemed to love the elevated leg position.
  • By M. Mary
  •  the 10/05/2016
This was a present for my new great grandaughter who is due in three weeks so at the moment it has not been used but it was something my grandaughter had seen and it was recommended to her
  • By E. Laura
  •  the 29/04/2016
Not as good as sleepyhead , our baby will not settle in it
  • By M. Nanu
  •  the 28/04/2016
The material is really poor quality. It had bubbles withing a few days use. Otherwise good.
  • By K. Illona
  •  the 11/04/2016
The product itself is well made and easy to use. Our baby liked always being held when sleeping and awoke every time we put her down, so we bought this in the hope it'd help her settle. Unfortunately it didn't make much difference, if anything she got more worked up when she felt the pillow under her legs. Perhaps if we'd introduced it earlier she might have taken to it better. I can't fault the product itself, it just wasn't suited to our baby.
  • By H. Laura
  •  the 09/04/2016
My son loves this sleep nest, it's very portable so I can take it with us on a night away and he sleeps well with the familiar comfort of the nest.
  • By K. Maryam
  •  the 04/04/2016
Really great value in comparison to similar products on the market which are not so versatile due to their bulk - these can be moved around and travel easily. Really useful
  • By H. Chelsea
  •  the 26/02/2016
Well made and comfortable for my daughter
  • By N. Alistair
  •  the 21/01/2016
Great product. Works well. Well made
  • By D. Rebecca
  •  the 20/01/2016
Amazing product. Great quality very impressed. My son has taken well to it and completely contributed to a calmer night sleepI have and will highly recommend to my fellow new mum's
  • By S. Sue
  •  the 20/01/2016
this seems a really cosy product..
  • By M. Pauline
  •  the 19/01/2016
Worth the price.
  • By H. Ed
  •  the 19/01/2016
I brought this item along side another. This item is perfect when I'm trying to relax and my baby is fast at sleep. Easy to use and adjust to baby's height
  • By P. Tanya
  •  the 19/01/2016
Average product - my baby still ended up with a mildly flattened head. The material is pretty rubbish as it bobbled almost immediately (this is before a wash) - within the first couple of days so overall it is disappointing.
  • By V. Vicky
  •  the 19/01/2016
I used this product to gradually move baby from his crib to his cot, with having something familiar it made the transition smoother and helped with his wind issue s as his legs are slightly raised when lying on it.
  • By P. Anna
  •  the 19/01/2016
Fantastic, my son was premature and would only ever settle on me to sleep..until we bought this, he settles on it quite happily to go to sleep now.
  •  the 19/01/2016
Brilliant Product
  • By W. Samantha
  •  the 11/01/2015
I have twins born prematurely and had been co-sleeping them in a cot bed, but they started waking each other up and were unsettled through the night. Bought two of these, so they are still next to each other and they love them. They sleep so well in them. I would really recommend this product, it's brilliant.
  • By C. Sarah
  •  the 21/12/2014
Our 10 week old daughter has never really slept properly. She was born early and has refux. Over the last 3 nights she has only woken once in the night!!! She has even had a nap in her cot. This is an amazing product and has made our household much happier.
  • By O. OLA
  •  the 11/12/2014
Hello, since I bought the Cosydream, my baby has enjoyed sleeping in her crib. She hated sleeping in her crib and would scream if we placed her in it, but with the Cosydream she now sleeps soundly and so do we! Worth every penny.
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